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Lift rental/sales-up to 91' reach
All types available nationwide
  • Can do churches, shopping center
  • Can do lobbies, atriums & hotels
  • Can work on expensive flooring
  • Battery operated
DENKA SPECS At 80' At 90'
A  Maximum work height 81' 91'
B  Maximum platform height 75' 24' to 85'
C  Maximum capacity 440 lbs 440 lbs
D  Maximum outreach 35' 33'
E  Minimum length 17' 11" 19' 6"
F  Minimum height 6' 6" 6' 6"
G  Minimum width 34.5" 34.5"
H  Overall weight 5320 lbs  5842.2 lbs 
I  Self propelled drive system 
[additional weight]
180 lbs 180 lbs
J  Platform size 2' x 42.5' inside handrails
K Platform capacity 440 lbs, two workers
L  Overall dimensions Length 21'6"
Width 35"
Height 6'6"
M  Outrigger spread 12'8" x 12'9" x 17'11"
N  Braking Multi disc brake and hand brake
O  Wheels Fitted with heavy duty truck tires
P  Floor loads 17.67 psi on outrigger pads
Maximum wheel load 1873.9 lbs
The DENKA LIFT built for the professional lift user.
Specially constructed for use by rental companies that desire reliable machine safety, easy service as well as high working height and outreach.

The compact design makes it possible to place and work this lift even in areas where light of other brands would fall.

Thanks to the built-in maneuver function (self-drive) that is operable from the basket, the lift can easily be moved over short distances by only one person and without use of other helping aids.

Working heights are from 25 to 28 meters.

Automatic restriction of the load moment ensures optimum reach to suit the load in the basket.


In order to give the lift as much flexibility as possible it is standard equipped with 8 6V batteries. This large battery capacity prolongs the operating time and makes the lift especially suitable for job tasks with often changing working positions.

A diesel or benzin generator that can provide lift operation totally independent from the use of batteries can be delivered as extra equipment.

All DENKA LIFTs meet the most stringent safety standards.

The electrical and hydraulic systems have double safety devices and the cylinders have a pressure control/valve safety system.


1. Self-drive operation from the basket.The operating panel is automatically in the basket when the boom is down in transport position, thus enabling the operation of the outriggers and the self-drive from up there. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for the lift user to leave the basket  in order to change or move working positions.
2. The Diesel engine can be mounted either with or without generator. The Diesel engine is started and stopped from the basket.

3. Proportional control.Uncomplicated operation of all functions from the control panel in the basket.

4. The functional design of the cover-boards for the batteries, the hydraulic, as well as the electric control, allows easy and rational service and maintenance.

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